Activities: Fun & Competitions


We want to make the Learning Centre a place where people can not only learn about steam engines and railways but also be a place where there will be interesting and fun activities to attract especially the young into the environment of the Learning Centre. A couple of examples are given and more will be established.


Speedy Ball Placing


Using a robot arm/hand to transfer small balls from one egg box to another and a competition to see who can do it in the shortest time. Competitions could go on over a few weeks, thereby encouraging youngsters to visit the Learning Centre a number of times. During these visits they will be able to get involved with other exhibits and activities more railway oriented.

Interactive Toys and Models


Individuals and groups will be encouraged to bring along interactive toys and models to The Branch Line so they can be shown and operated by visitors. An example might be a small portable garden railway set up where people can control the locomotives and drive a train. Another might be a remotely controlled car or lorry.

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