Activities: How it Works


How it Works


A portfolio of schematic diagrams and information will be developed addressing many components and systems associated with a steam locomotive with the aim of explaining how they work. Examples will be:


  • The main elements of a steam locomotive in different formats from the most elementary for the youngest children to the more detailed for the person who is seeking more technical knowledge;

  • Different types of valve gears and how the main ones work;

  • Different types of cylinders;

  • And many many more.


Wherever possible, there will be diagrams and explanatory texts accompanied by the relevant components or assemblies.


This material is under development. The aim will be to build up the display material especially over the first two years and in response to those aspects the visiting public are most interested in.

Sectioned Boiler

One display will be a sectioned copper boiler from a 7¼ inch gauge locomotive. This will be sectioned in such a way to show critical parts of the boiler such as the firebox and steam tubes. This will be accompanied by explanatory texts.

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